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Dearfoams Fit Guide

With our comfort guarantee, you don’t have to worry about online shopping. Dearfoams are available in sizes small, medium, large, and x-large. Styles offered on are medium width, to accommodate a variety of foot sizes. View our size chart to help you find the right fit.

Caring For Your Slippers

Most Dearfoams slippers are machine washable. We recommend washing in cold water, gentle cycle, and air-drying. Genuine suede products should not be put in the wash, and should use suede cleaner and a damp cloth.

Slipper Definitions


Ballet: Ballet shoes or ballet slippers have the distinct profile made popular by footwear made for ballet dancers. They generally do not have a heel, and may also be called ballet flats. The ballet style is a very feminine and popular silhouette for women’s shoes.

Boot: Boots are slippers that cover the whole foot and part of the leg. Dearfoams refers to styles as both boots and boot slippers, depending upon type of outsole, material, and overall design. Boot slippers are great in fall and winter weather.

Bootie: Booties are slippers that cover the whole foot, but don’t have the height of a boot. Women’s bootie slippers are very popular and are great in fall and winter weather.

Clog: Clogs are casual, comfortable shoes characterized by their open backs allowing for easy-on easy-off access. The heel on a clog can range from flat to high. Clogs are different than scuffs, as they tend to cover more of the foot than scuffs. Dearfoams refers to styles as both clogs and clog slippers, depending on type of outsole, material, and overall design. Clog slippers are very popular for both men and women.

Moccasin: Moccasins are characterized by a closed-back at the heel. Traditionally, the term moccasin referred to a soft leather shoe with distinctive heavy stitching. refers to closed-back styles as closed backs, moccasins or moccasin slippers, depending upon type of outsole, material, and overall design. Men and women both find moccasins to be a perfect slipper choice.

Open-Toe: Open-toe slippers refer to any style where the toes peep out (and appropriately, some styles are referred to as peep-toe slippers). Open-toe styles include open-toe scuffs and thong slippers. Open-toe styles are very popular women’s slippers in the spring and summer months when feet like some wiggle room to breathe, but comfort is still essential.

Scuff: Scuffs or scuff slippers generally refer to house slippers or bedroom slippers, and have either a closed or open-toe. Dearfoams classifies scuffs as closed-toe slippers, and they are most often made with terry or velour, though come in a variety of fabrics. Scuffs may also be referred to as flat mules.

Thong: Thongs may be referred to as thong slippers, thong sandals, or flip-flops. They are backless and are held to the foot by a strap of material (a thong) between the big and second toes. Women’s thong slippers are very popular in the spring and summer months, as they closely resemble traditional flip-flops, but with the comfort of a slipper.

House Shoe, House Slipper, Bedroom Slipper: Just as one size does not fit all, house shoes, house slippers, and bedroom slippers all mean different things to different people. House shoes might simply be slippers that they are worn daily, both inside the house and possibly outdoors around the house. Low or high profile outsoles are generally considered a good option for house shoes. House slippers and bedroom slippers, on the other hand, might not require an indoor/outdoor outsole.


Faux Fur: Dearfoams often uses faux fur as a trim on many of our women’s slippers. Faux fur looks like real fur, but is made from a synthetic material, like acrylic fibers. Acrylic can be dyed in different colors to imitate the varieties of real fur.

Flannel: Flannel is known for its warmth. It is a low brushed fabric, made from wool, cotton, or synthetic materials.

Fleece: Dearfoams uses microfleece (commonly known simply as fleece) in its men’s and women’s slippers. Microfleece is a napped, insulating, synthetic fabric that is very lightweight.

Knit: Knits are fabrics made from intertwining threads in a series of connected loops. Knits can be made from cotton or synthetic fibers, and can be woven into distinctive patterns, like cable knit or sweater knit.

Microfiber: Microfiber refers to synthetic (man-made) fibers, generally made from polyester, nylon, acrylic, or a blend. These fibers can be made to mimic many types of popular materials, like velour, terrycloth, knits, fleece, and suede. Microfiber is soft, breathable, durable, and easy to clean. Many Dearfoams slippers are made with varieties of microfibers.

Microsuede: Microsuede is a man-made material designed to look like leather with a soft, napped finish. Microsuede is also washable.

Pile: In textiles, pile is the raised surface of a fabric, which is made of upright loops or strands of microfibers. The texture of pile differs based on the length and gauge of the fibers, but is always soft and comfortable.

Sherpa: Sherpa is generally a synthetic fabric made to imitate the look of Shearling, or sheep’s wool. Dearfoams uses Sherpa in many of our fall and winter styles.

Terry: Terry or terry cloth is a plush pile fabric (either cotton or microfiber), with cut or uncut loops, and can be of varying lengths and weights. Terry is often found in slippers, bathrobes, and bath towels. Microfiber terry is characterized by long-wear and is easy to clean.

Velour: Velour is smooth and soft knitted fabric or textile, and can be made from cotton or microfibers. Microfiber velour is similar to velvet, and is generally short in length.

EVA: EVA is popularly known as expanded rubber or foam rubber. EVA foam is a lightweight, highly moldable material that is often used as padding and as a shock absorber in slippers and footwear. Dearfoams uses EVA in both our outsoles and sometimes as part of the insoles.

TPR: Dearfoams uses TPR, or thermoplastic rubber, as the core component of most of our outsoles.

Injection Molded TPR: Injection molded TPR has a greater proportion of rubber to plastic ratio, therefore resulting in a high degree of flexibility.


Upper: A slippers uppers are the upper part of a slipper, shoe, or boot, covering the instep (the top, middle of the foot) and sometimes extending over the toe. The upper is also referred to as the vamp. The upper of a boot may be referred to as the shaft.

Outsole: The very bottom of the shoe, the part that contacts the ground. Dearfoams has a variety of outsoles, ranging from fabric, to ultra flexible injection molded TPR, to low and high profile TPR or EVA outsoles.

Insole: The part of the shoe that the foot rests upon. The insole may have its own lining, and generally has some type of cushioning. The insole is sometimes referred to as the footbed of a slipper or shoe. It may be flat or contoured.

Lining: The material used inside shoes or slippers.

Collar: The collar of a slipper is the opening around the ankle, and generally applies to ballet or moccasin styles. For example, slippers can be trimmed in faux fur, pile, or Sherpa at the collar.

Cushioning: Dearfoams pioneered foam-cushioned slippers. Dearfoams slippers are made with high-density foam and may include memory foam or heel wedge.>


Memory Foam: Memory foam (also known as visco elastic polyurethane foam) is a type of foam with added density that is pressure sensitive and molds quickly to the shape of the body, and becomes more pliable when warmed by body heat. Select Dearfoams styles add memory foam to our already authentic, high-density foam for an enhanced level of comfort.

Heel Wedge: A heel wedge is an extra layer of foam in the insole, under the heel. Dearfoams adds heel wedges to some slipper styles for increased comfort, as well slightly added lift.

Heel Tab: Some Dearfoams styles, mainly men’s slippers, have a heel tab attached to the back collar of the slipper. A heel tab is a flat loop of fabric at the heel that makes it easier to pull on moccasin, clog, or ballet style slippers.

Gusset: A gusset is a triangular piece of material used for reinforcement or stretch. Dearfoams often uses elastic gussets for enhanced fit, allowing the slipper some "give" to better fit the unique shape of an individual’s foot.