1945 Dearfoams History
Columbus, Ohio, homemaker turned inventor, Florence Zacks Melton, creates the detachable shoulder pads she developed for women's military-style fashions of the time.
Mrs. Melton was visiting the Firestone Tire and Rubber Co. in Akron, OH, seeking innovative materials to improve the durability of her shoulder pads. During that visit, she was introduced to foam latex, a material that had been developed during World War II and for which Firestone was seeking commercial uses. While returning home from Akron, Mrs. Melton decided that the best use for foam latex wasn't shoulder pads, it was to walk on. So, using a sample of this soft, cushioned material, she fashioned the world's first foam-soled, soft, washable slipper.
1947 Dearfoams History
1948 Dearfoams History
RG Barry Corporation introduces the world's first foam-cushioned, washable slipper. It is an immediate hit in the notions area of department stores.
Dearfoams moves slippers from notions departments to first floor hosiery departments, launching what will evolve into the accessory footwear category.
1958 Dearfoams History
1979 Dearfoams History
Net sales top $100 million mark for the first time.
Dearfoams Warm-Up Boots become one of the top-selling holiday gift items in U.S. department store history.
1980 Dearfoams History
1997 Dearfoams History
Dearfoams celebrates its 50th anniversary and is named Wal-Mart Stores International Soft Lines Vendor of the Year.
More than 65 years and a billion pairs later, people still love the exceptional comfort, style and quality provided by every pair of Dearfoams. Looking forward to our 70th anniversary. Stay tuned for details.
2017 Dearfoams History